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Pupdog Gamer
Pupdog Gamer 15 napja
Y everyone call cute chihuahua bad dog
Violet 19 napja
0:24 I’m also a quite kid
can you not
can you not 20 napja
2:57 wdym??? I see nothing
Happy Bunny Queen
Happy Bunny Queen 26 napja
I like how that charger works for Android and Apple
Theus Madden
Theus Madden 26 napja
This put the biggest smile on my face 7:54
J.T. Milleisen
J.T. Milleisen 28 napja
I kinda feel bad for the plastic horse at 8:59....
Pineapple Squid
Pineapple Squid 28 napja
My discord picture is actually Yobama, thank you very much
Paul Prisbrey
Paul Prisbrey 29 napja
One time in english the class got punished for being loud. We all had to write an apology to the teacher. Even though I didn't make any noise. But then the teacher handed me a letter in secret that read "You didn't do anything wrong. Please pretend to write something." She is a good teacher. (No, This is not a joke.)
Dmetry Waddell
Dmetry Waddell 29 napja
Iphone is better! No! Samsung is better! Me: *PHONES ARE PHONES*
Aunika Waye
Aunika Waye 29 napja
Where are all the stonks memes?! I haven’t see any lately
personal space
personal space 29 napja
0:07 giant enemy spiders *beatboxes*
Amethyst 29 napja
Me: is talking to my friend My friends little sis: hI GRanDmA! Me: * dies of laughter*
Rhiannon Kerkel
Rhiannon Kerkel Hónapja
0:08 #relatable
Ireland Hónapja
I saw a bunch of these on dank memer bot also pog videos
Mythplaysroblox _
Mythplaysroblox _ Hónapja
3:07 bro?
impissingonmydog 69
impissingonmydog 69 Hónapja
8:41 those are tunisian im tunisian and those are super familiar
Reddeffender 88
Reddeffender 88 Hónapja
9:39 I watched that episode yesterday
Styxin Hónapja
Memenade always has the most random sponsors
Luminosa The GlowWing
Luminosa The GlowWing Hónapja
Who thinks Memenade should make a whole video dedicated to Bucky and Sam memes? If you don’t know, I mean from Marvels new show The Falcon And Winter Soldier.
Kevin Hónapja
1:02 After all why not Why i shouldn't slap it
Jason Chiu
Jason Chiu Hónapja
5:25 Me, a genius: *Installs the Aether mod and builds a nether portal in the Aether dimension.*
Max Defelice
Max Defelice Hónapja
When your dad finally come back with the milk:
GiddyLi0n The train head
GiddyLi0n The train head Hónapja
Troll face 🤝 sus face 🤝: being a meme.
Drakonite56 Hónapja
That smile made me jump
No life Ninja
No life Ninja Hónapja
You are fall of 2019
The Drinking Game Maker
The Drinking Game Maker Hónapja
Go to 0:08 in case you missed it
Epic Dud
Epic Dud Hónapja
Me after finding my 3ds from 10 years ago and it charges but won’t turn on: NO don’t let the flame die
Chilly ShelfxD
Chilly ShelfxD Hónapja
Dude 7:50 so accurate XD
Taetum Demel
Taetum Demel Hónapja
That one bout 5 min crafts, I nice saw one where a person was trying to eat cereal with the spoon the upside down, and instead of being normal they hammer the spoon to where it’s normal-ish. JUST USE IT HOW ITS MADE TO BE USED!!
Taetum Demel
Taetum Demel Hónapja
*once, not nice
Smashion G
Smashion G Hónapja
9:59 Fuck Yes
adelaaranus Hónapja
00:53 yo this is me
Trippymoredd Hónapja
My parents: *scolds me* Me: *rethinks my life choices*
howler wolf
howler wolf Hónapja
Explain 4:51
sergiopablo baguenas rios
sergiopablo baguenas rios Hónapja
5:54 thats why they extingishing
Ai Robot
Ai Robot Hónapja
Nobody can conquer the world Covid19:
horsepower3407 Hónapja
Ab Ramay1
Ab Ramay1 Hónapja
I gave my car Vodka, it became into an AK
av 26
av 26 Hónapja
2:59 this is wierdest meme, there is even not a single person in that pic
Flavius Hónapja
1:02 that mosquito actually stop mosquitos that bite so thats even better.
Ethyrus ❶
Ethyrus ❶ Hónapja
7:51 Nobody is born cool, except of course, people who can understand the meme without the first 2 panels.
Venom Hónapja
Harry is adjusting great to America Harry: *speaking russian*
Jonathan Rhys
Jonathan Rhys Hónapja
AG Productions
AG Productions Hónapja
When i just switched off my lamp at midnight, 9:10 passes
dont askme
dont askme Hónapja
Stop stealing memes without giving any credit
Zeid Says Hi
Zeid Says Hi Hónapja
Yes agreed!
Kiera Salway
Kiera Salway Hónapja
5:15 THIS IS ME!
Fergus Turnbull
Fergus Turnbull Hónapja
Online school Teacher: Time to take notes for the book who will take them today The class: the class has disconnected The teacher 🤔 Different meme Online school Teacher: calls your name to answer question. Me: who was sleeping the whole call and just woke up 😱😨😰 The class POV: person has disconnected My class at the end of the call: good save
sujata naik
sujata naik Hónapja
Man trust me your channel may get deleted just like clumsy
Sanket Patil
Sanket Patil Hónapja
Maybe redditers are going to be here soon
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Hónapja
Not maybe, they will be here
Joshua Mitchell
Joshua Mitchell Hónapja
0:37 and 3:04 Well I'm the Smart Hulk in both 3:42 Joaquin Phoenix is gonna be mad
Ganesh Narasimhan
Ganesh Narasimhan Hónapja
515th comment!
In blaik's edition
In blaik's edition Hónapja
Stop stealing memes
Oscar Amen
Oscar Amen Hónapja
1:45 can someone tell me who this meme is about because it just said "that guy" so is it P U T I N or the guys behind him who is that guy ment to mean
toe Hónapja
Stop stealing Reddits memes and not giving credit
Quintonio Hónapja
3:00 where is the meme?
Leo 6342
Leo 6342 Hónapja
Redditors Assemble !!!
mdog theegod
mdog theegod Hónapja
Its ironic that mojang actulley did put in a lot of in game purcheses to maximise in game profits.
Itirk 349
Itirk 349 Hónapja
9:58 When you finally het an Undertale meme after 4 years: Finally, inner peace
Kroc Crazy
Kroc Crazy Hónapja
Just me that can’t find clumsy
Charlotte Keefe
Charlotte Keefe Hónapja
They deleted their channel.
Big brain time
Big brain time Hónapja
2:11 relatable 😭😭😪
Clumsy's down
Theodore Lapointe
Theodore Lapointe Hónapja
Memenade's next
Memez Hónapja
You made my day
Meme biology
Meme biology Hónapja
Ah yes another sample I will research this with my team!
EstoresGamer111 Hónapja
credit ppl pls
Kittycorn Me
Kittycorn Me Hónapja
6:05 The most impossible thing
jana dalati
jana dalati Hónapja
Turtle:move slowly My ping:finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legandry
Roberto Baraldi
Roberto Baraldi Hónapja
Please, credit the actual creators. Otherwise it would be stealing.
HelderInBusin3ss Hónapja
Me pretending that I finally realize the question even though I already knew to make my teacher more proud: *i should do this more often*
Stormy Hónapja
7 year old me after finding out about military time that goes over 12:00: *The laws of time are mine!*
NewChillyNoble Hónapja
2:29 My friends having a seizure because were American Me who understands and uses military time: lol
Frostplays Hónapja
0:44 And right before it you said I hate you!
syed Abdullah Ghouri
syed Abdullah Ghouri Hónapja
Anyone here knows "Clumsy" youtube channel. He uploads daily memes and had over 2 million subscribers. I believe his youtube channel got deleted recently
syed Abdullah Ghouri
syed Abdullah Ghouri Hónapja
@Sanat Sahrawat he's back bois!!!!
Sanat Sahrawat
Sanat Sahrawat Hónapja
I literally just commented that cause I couldn’t find it either. Please tell me he didn’t delete it
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Hónapja
@Deathcall777 what?! Stealing memes? Is that a joke or something?
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Hónapja
BROOO IKR he’s missing
Deathcall777 Hónapja
Because he stole memes and didn’t give credit. Maybe HUpost deleted it because of that but idk
spongebob SquarePants
spongebob SquarePants Hónapja
what happenes to clumsys YT account, i loved his videos
Sanat Sahrawat
Sanat Sahrawat Hónapja
Yeah a few other people came here as well to find it, I can’t see it either
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Hónapja
Broooo I’m clueless too, came here to see if people are noticing it
HelderInBusin3ss Hónapja
character: got shot in the chest Also character: wait, I’m the main character Bullet: *understandable, have a nice day*
Lin Khant Kyaw
Lin Khant Kyaw 29 napja
Lol true
Megan Napper
Megan Napper Hónapja
4:46 funny valentine of course
The_Lance_dance Hónapja
bro i’m here what happened to clumsy his channel is gone
imposter yt among u
imposter yt among u Hónapja
I think the guy in the stealth meme was John cena since i only saw a floating jacket 😂😂
T_ KILLER Hónapja
When all the memes on this channel are stolen
Deathcall777 Hónapja
Megan Napper
Megan Napper Hónapja
the first one is so true
Mr. Pro Dark Knight
Mr. Pro Dark Knight Hónapja
Ayeshabanu Nadaf
Ayeshabanu Nadaf 27 napja
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saiiful M
saiiful M 27 napja
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Wahdamia Mia
Wahdamia Mia 28 napja
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My opinions are always right
My opinions are always right Hónapja
Is clumsy’s channel ok? Cause every time i search his channel, i couldnt find it, i go to “filter channel” i couldnt find it, i go to my notifications, it shows the video private, please someone tell me what’s happening
Sanat Sahrawat
Sanat Sahrawat Hónapja
Yeah, I’m searching as well. A few other guys couldn’t find it so they came here too.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Hónapja
Literally no clue, I’m searching too. Try to contact them on their discord, sorry I don’t hav their discord right now.
Byron Wood
Byron Wood Hónapja
Rename to lemonade
jonathan wenrich
jonathan wenrich Hónapja
Memenade steals OC from redditors on R/memes. Trash. You have my downvote.
Bald Asian Man
Bald Asian Man Hónapja
Leafnut Hónapja
Me opens window to get fresh air Everyone in the aeroplane
Harsh Jain
Harsh Jain Hónapja
Dude stop posting others meme without even giving them credit and straight up erasing their watermarks and claiming them your own. *ITS NOT COOL.*
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Hónapja
@Harsh Jain well they got what they deserved
Harsh Jain
Harsh Jain Hónapja
@First Name Last Name that's nice
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Hónapja
@Andrei Ojevan damn
Andrei Ojevan
Andrei Ojevan Hónapja
@First Name Last Name yes
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Hónapja
Is this the reason why clumsy’s channel got deleted?
Anirvin Iyer
Anirvin Iyer Hónapja
6:06 like thats ever gonna happen
YTBR SosyalEmre
YTBR SosyalEmre Hónapja
teacher : asking what is trap me : TRAP IS TRAP
IdvPlh Hónapja
I was 1 minute ago year old when i discovered It's hard to laugh when you're watching memes while taking a dump
A D Vaingankar
A D Vaingankar Hónapja
*People on the internet saying that Mirzapur is the best web series in India* Meanwhile, Scam 1992 - *Leonardo Decaprio laughing* lalaa, hold my share!
USSR Hónapja
guys big F clumsy got termanited like 5 min ago (if u didnt know whos clumsy he is a meme channal thats older and with more subs but it is termanited)
JustME Hónapja
The first meme is so relatable
mahendra kumar kundaria
mahendra kumar kundaria Hónapja
5:52 ayo lemme contact dream...
kaan başaran
kaan başaran Hónapja
me: eating meal *delicous!* me goıng to hotel and eating mEAl: *so ı need to pay 10 dollars to eat sousage? thats gay*
voidツ Hónapja
Robert Maiatico
Robert Maiatico Hónapja
4:49 Joe who? me:Joe mama Teacher: Detention me:Worth it
Robert Maiatico
Robert Maiatico Hónapja
1:11 Dam That's deep
Keandre Luigi Penus
Keandre Luigi Penus Hónapja
Can we do memxit and do anti memes
•Itz The Gaming Moon•
•Itz The Gaming Moon• Hónapja
Her: I bet he's thinking about other girls Him: *why is the ender eye green and the ender pearl is Turquoise if the enderman's eye is purple?*
Bryce Thomas
Bryce Thomas Hónapja
What gives people feelings of power? Money Status Breaking a Nokia
Assassins_Afjol Hónapja
stealing content that doesn’t belong to them. Without Giving credit to people which it belongs to. CANCEL.
Manual strawberry
Manual strawberry Hónapja
I really want shoutout
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