Wholesome Memes To Defeat Depression

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Jazz Brudy
Jazz Brudy 2 napja
This video has made me happy so I hope the rest of the day I will be happy cuz it's my bday☺️👍
Micah Mayer
Micah Mayer 6 napja
The title... it isn't wrong :D now I can make game vids again!
Jeans 7 napja
Now these are inspirational, unlike those quotes from posters in school hallways.
Wassabi Gamez
Wassabi Gamez 7 napja
Yes, Yes, YES 💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿 Your stronk Your not chonk You are perfect You deserve tremendous things And I want you to know if you are going through a hard time, just keep in mind there is a plethora of reasons why the world needs you 1. People love/Like you 2. You are worth it 3. People need you 4. There is someone out there always for you 5. Don’t be ashamed for who you are 6. You are beautiful 7. You have so much to live for So please stay with us and remember you have unlimited worth in this world. No matter who you like, love, support, vote for, etc.
A D Vaingankar
A D Vaingankar 7 napja
2:11 me who doesn't have any friends: 👁👄👁
Zachary Chandra
Zachary Chandra 13 napja
I don't like these memes. I think it's better to get hard truths than easy fakes. The Truth Matters.
Pupskymations 14 napja
Me watching this: My dopamine supply: Kaboom? *Yes Rico, kaboom*
Miles Turner
Miles Turner 14 napja
I came here after finishing TWD 1 to get rid of the sadness. I’m just gonna say thanks for making this🙂
Joseph Aalbers
Joseph Aalbers 16 napja
8:24 pluto is technically a planet because its a dwarf planet
Hat 16 napja
I was there! At 8:46
huy le
huy le 17 napja
I dislike the video because none of the memes in this are relatable, understandable, or wholesome to me. I didn't experience enough to feel wholesome from those memes. Rather, some memes feels more like a stab in the chest. I'm sorry.
Benjamin Horton
Benjamin Horton 17 napja
I needed this. I've taken many dating rejections in the past year and it's bogged me down to borderline depression because I'm single and I don't want to be. I really really want a girlfriend ASAP. I may be desperate which I am but I still want to find true love. I have felt anxious, scared, angry, and alone. Which I still feel like sometimes but this helped that. And I thank you for that. But I still really really want a relationship
_.Yogurt Lover._
_.Yogurt Lover._ 20 napja
Thank you for making my day i didn't feel this light in a while 😜😜😜😁😁😁
777-300ER Boeing
777-300ER Boeing 22 napja
Nice try, but my depression boss are now on phase 2 in 2/100
jackie forrest
jackie forrest 22 napja
me having a bad day memenade posting another video of wholesome memes
me, who knows i wont ever relate to any of these: 😶
Mostofa Kamal
Mostofa Kamal 24 napja
I was so stressed out cuz my fave actress got into some scandal, and it felt like it was me in the scandal, thanks for cheering us up, memenade :3
Teagan Hicks
Teagan Hicks 25 napja
1:13 I don’t really get this 1
The Mouldiest Potato
The Mouldiest Potato 19 napja
Dont worry bro, I dont either
Not-Nya(야 말해)
Not-Nya(야 말해) 25 napja
This is calming 💗
Daniel_ acht000
Daniel_ acht000 25 napja
It makes me sad and happy to watch wholesome Memes. I get sad that almost none of these happen to me but then I get happy thinking about it happening to others
The Mouldiest Potato
The Mouldiest Potato 19 napja
It will happen one day my friend! Trust
Gaga_Nusret 25 napja
Chris Huijben
Chris Huijben 25 napja
0:00 You can't be depressed if you're dead...
Araceli Jimenez
Araceli Jimenez 25 napja
So my lil brother likes halo and he wants the rookie but my mom said no and what popped up in my mind like HES NOT GETTING THE HALO YOU HAVE THE PAINT KNOW MOVE SOLDIER AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH oh yea and the paint is drying tomorrow
RicaRTSM13_2005 25 napja
Thanks for the memes
Jared Ramirez
Jared Ramirez 26 napja
9:05 "Like that's ever gonna happen"
Iraza God
Iraza God 26 napja
Wow 😂 waz cloudy outside but wen I started watching this video the sun came out thast soo cool perfect timing
kanalmimi 26 napja
I'm watching this even though I'm already happy, I wanna be 10 times happier xD
pizzaben245 27 napja
fishingg memes!!!!!!!
Irida Art
Irida Art 27 napja
Depression: **exists** Memes: *you're fired*
As a Japanese it’s so shameful that our high suiciderate is a meme now... and Govs and Communities aren’t doing nothing
TheGamingPug432 27 napja
Turns out you can cry from happiness
harry pjoter
harry pjoter 27 napja
why 33 pepole gave unlike? i think they are western spy's
Aranya Paul
Aranya Paul 27 napja
A meme a day keeps depression away.
Jerry Magnolia
Jerry Magnolia 27 napja
fastest things on earth: 1.me breaking up with my gf back in grade 3 2.speed of light 3.airplane 4.cheetah
Finn Ewing
Finn Ewing 28 napja
9:09 My soulmate being my sleep paralysis demon
Finn Ewing
Finn Ewing 28 napja
When that one kid asks the teacher about the homework: The entire class: *Casually approach child*
xxluna rosemaryxx
xxluna rosemaryxx 28 napja
This made my day. This is all I need.
some guy
some guy 28 napja
Man im gonna miss my grandma she passed away a few months ago and now my grandpa is lonely 😭
hol horse41
hol horse41 28 napja
2:00 i wish my dad was an example to me, which he isn't
just for comments
just for comments 28 napja
The dislikes came from depression and its alter accounts
Liam Roszak
Liam Roszak 28 napja
Can you please make a chanel for wholesome memes
Lau Dahl
Lau Dahl 28 napja
gene: i will grant you three wishes. me: i wish that humans could speek to their pets about how much they love them and the pets could understand them. gene: why didn't anyone else ever wish for that.... gene: good wish bro, you still have three wishes
N30N SUPRA YT 28 napja
I just need to be happy as I lost my girlfriend to a shooting that happened in my neighborhood
GachaFox Xxx
GachaFox Xxx 28 napja
All the depressed people watching this ⬇️
nub 29 napja
These memes are the reason I keep existing
Eden Johnson
Eden Johnson 29 napja
So, I’m a girl and I like this one person. They are cute, funny, and weird (I’m weird too and I’m attracted to strangeness lol) anyway I’ve had a crush on them for a while but the problem is, there’s this girl. And that girl, is my crush. I live in a very conservative, homophobic town and that sucks so much. What should I do? I wish everyone a good day✌🏼🏳️‍🌈
Lightning 29 napja
Depression: *doesnt want dog* Me: *gets a dog anyway *Defeated depression leaves*
Ansh Animates
Ansh Animates 29 napja
“But this does bring a smile to my face”
behnam esmaeily
behnam esmaeily 29 napja
4:45 this one made me cry
FrankieTheDeadDVDFan11/Frankie Renda
FrankieTheDeadDVDFan11/Frankie Renda 29 napja
Me: *is a day late to this video* Also me: *watches anyway*
Karson Wetrich
Karson Wetrich 29 napja
1:40 I am nice to waiters, there is this mexican restaurant in a town by me, and I say si, gracias when they bring the food
MakeMoi 29 napja
I don’t have depression, but it still works on me! 😁
I'm Ron btw, Ron Weasley
I'm Ron btw, Ron Weasley 29 napja
Me when random ppl on yt are nice to me: *smiles like never before*
Mountiangoat888 29 napja
2:16 this was me 2 years ago, except she just hugged me and she was just my crush.
Squidoodle 9000
Squidoodle 9000 29 napja
3:30 the good ending
Majorman92 29 napja
Women: *exist Men: This is brilliant
The Mouldiest Potato
The Mouldiest Potato 19 napja
Other man exists: *A CHALLENGE APPROACHES*
Wiktoria Szczepanek
Wiktoria Szczepanek 29 napja
It works my depression just vanished
thundered sun
thundered sun 29 napja
pluto isn't a planet it is a dwarf planet technically speaking it's still a planet because.. it's called a dwarf planet?
Olivia C Shwe
Olivia C Shwe 29 napja
*Depression has left the chat*
AMMA 487
AMMA 487 29 napja
Wisdom dispenser "Don't believe its ok to be fat or skinny...Your body deserve's to be healthy in and out no matter how it looks"
Falafel Man
Falafel Man 29 napja
Me who doesn’t have a dog and has depression “did he post yet?”
Alfredo Torres
Alfredo Torres 29 napja
Andi De Vrede
Andi De Vrede 29 napja
Thank you
Ollie the trolly
Ollie the trolly 29 napja
Nothing like some wholesome memes before bed
Breakfast Time
Breakfast Time 29 napja
*My mom, when I explain the whole book series of 12 thick books I read:* Hmmm, sounds interesting. *Me:* *signature look of superiority *
Nambypamby Lucas Samovar
Nambypamby Lucas Samovar 29 napja
A girlfriend Wut is This tichnology
Roboking1413 Roblox and Gacha
Roboking1413 Roblox and Gacha 29 napja
No one: Me: plays hunger noises on HUpost so grandma will make me cookies Edit: r/madlads
strawberry epikhamzter
strawberry epikhamzter 29 napja
me: im not hungry Grandma: Pulls out glock* Say that again
BOGART 29 napja
350th comment
Kanji 29 napja
Day infinity of trying to make the people in my year group happy even though the bully me regularly
ZheHelima 29 napja
Watching wholesome memes makes me more sad than watching depressing ones because I have nothing listed in the wholesome memes(happiness,friends,parents with patient and time to listen,grandparents aren’t with us,etc.)It just feels horribly depressing when you know that nothing in the wholesome memes will come to your life ever...(But I wish all of you watching this lives your best life)
ZheHelima 27 napja
@CHeeSe Thanks!This is the best thing I’ve heard from others in a while.
CHeeSe 27 napja
I hope you get better
Sparsh Gongale
Sparsh Gongale 29 napja
May feel weird but i had tears of joy in some of the memes.
Sparsh Gongale
Sparsh Gongale 29 napja
I was depressed about my exam, but now I'm happy thanks to Memenade.
Feather 29 napja
This actually made me feel so much better
Time Dubs
Time Dubs Hónapja
I so needed this
James Finley Addison Kristianto 1313072
James Finley Addison Kristianto 1313072 Hónapja
memes :removemy depression me:starts crying
Emily Bilovus
Emily Bilovus Hónapja
Dam these memes hit different
Mental Rat
Mental Rat Hónapja
List how many friends you have below:
Mental Rat
Mental Rat Hónapja
Richard Pineda Taborda
Richard Pineda Taborda Hónapja
1:19 is such a wholesome pic
Blueistic Hónapja
I just simply do not have a girlfriend
Sus_ BS
Sus_ BS Hónapja
now this is enough to make a grown man cry :')
Zachary Tweltridge
Zachary Tweltridge Hónapja
1:20 wow thats a pretty wholesome image right there
Mountain 2
Mountain 2 Hónapja
2:54 thats called sleeping
rar trucus
rar trucus Hónapja
THE FASTEST THINGS ON EARTH cheetah. airplane speed of light. UNIVERSE EXPANDING
Kyle S
Kyle S Hónapja
My grandma lives in Poland, so sadly, i cant relate to all those grandma memes
Miguel Baltazar
Miguel Baltazar Hónapja
sucid: im bad guns: no i am my redstone skills: amateurs sucid and guns: who was that my redstone skills: AMATEURS
Sddcxddff storey
Sddcxddff storey Hónapja
I need more
Kagemusha Shien
Kagemusha Shien Hónapja
3:48 unless the lyrics says otherwise
Kagemusha Shien
Kagemusha Shien Hónapja
Me in depression: That one personality of mine: Crusade time against depression, shall we begin soldier?
Kagemusha Shien
Kagemusha Shien Hónapja
buildmaster2009 Hónapja
this only makes me more sad because i can never get any of these things
Spartan7926 Hónapja
This does put a smile on my face
Aliuros Hónapja
Who else needed this?
ChristMetalMayhem Hónapja
Day 1 of asking Memenade to stop trying to cure my depression only cause its my best friend.
Gustoqpzm Hónapja
I like memes
Shadow Storm_24
Shadow Storm_24 Hónapja
Bro keep these vids pumping. I know what u are doing is amazing and I know u are saving lives mine being one of them. Keep going bro u doing such good work.
Dauntedweet Hónapja
The grandpa fishing one is so relatable as well as 2:09
George Norris
George Norris Hónapja
1:18 me
Alexa La Sognatrice
Alexa La Sognatrice Hónapja
This putted a huge smile on my face, thank you so much. -A girl who has depression.
Poyoby Hónapja
Thank you so much, Memenade. As someone who has both anxiety and depression, I recommend this video to anyone else dealing with similar things. I recently had a mental breakdown and my mom, knowing that I spend a lot of time on the internet, suggested that I watch some memes to calm myself down. By chance, I happened to stumble upon this video, and it brought me down from crying and being absolutely terrified to being somewhat normal again. I really appreciate all the hard work you must put into finding unique memes and gathering them together into your wonderful HUpost videos.
CHeeSe 27 napja
Watch bob ross his videos are about art but he teaches more than just art and his voice sooths you
bang_ hungry21
bang_ hungry21 Hónapja
Same here bro and it shines my day in Ramadhan now
Werner der Champ
Werner der Champ Hónapja
1:57 The daughter of a family friend indeed did this (it wasn't a street cat but a kitten from another family she was offered to take). They had it until it died 2 years ago at the proud age of 14. RIP Minka, you were a great cat
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