Gaming Memes Only Real Gamers Understand

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Heirloop Órája
8:06 how I feel when I play league because I know I’m gonna die
A gaming Channel
A gaming Channel 3 órája
Me: joins a game with beginners and I am a veteran Also me: gets destroyed by them Also me: A-
Josiah Bell
Josiah Bell 7 órája
Your vids are bad because you are saying black is bad and white is good
Bag Studios inc
Bag Studios inc 9 órája
3:23 true Very true
damian kołodziej
damian kołodziej 13 órája
Im ten years old ):
Antoni Kurek
Antoni Kurek 14 órája
10:27 i guess i understand all of the memes And be this one
Darshan .M
Darshan .M 14 órája
too bad bro my fanily dosn't llet me play games at all
Deborah Maciak
Deborah Maciak 17 órája
Meme: Me: Mom, can I have among us at home? Mom: No, we have among us at home Among us at home: Turned into Union Pacific ES44AC
Sai Laxminarayanan
Sai Laxminarayanan 17 órája
The buds gaming 549
The buds gaming 549 Napja
Fun fact it took 1 day for cyberpunk to dye
Meeple Weeples
Meeple Weeples Napja
1:45 Im confused, why is there only 1 level 100 veteran surrounded by level 1s, this meme is backwards
Gaster The Master
Gaster The Master Napja
The Xbox controller tho XD
12team Napja
Not all real gamers have a pc take me for example
XxGravityCoilxX Napja
0:05 10 year olds that play games without any killing: my discoveries are beyond your understanding
Tristanbul U
Tristanbul U 2 napja
I must have said so true Like 20 times in this vid
Chris Tilley
Chris Tilley 2 napja
Aliffian Romdhani
Aliffian Romdhani 2 napja
10:32 what is that? Is that a mosque?
Partha Chaudhary
Partha Chaudhary 2 napja
among us is dying???
Paraas 2 napja
cracked player can join your mc server?
Rlstine108 2 napja
00:29 can't relate
Rlstine108 2 napja
00:18 but I have a 2005 alinewere
Rlstine108 2 napja
00:09 mommy this kid killed my beat up there ma ma
Rlstine108 2 napja
00:03 where did I leave my controll oo here it is pretending to play a game
Sherlynne Gonzaga
Sherlynne Gonzaga 3 napja
who else is a potterhead
Enzo S.C Animations
Enzo S.C Animations 3 napja
Me:**in a good time,playing my game** My mom appearing out of nowhere:GO MAKE YOUR DUCKING HOMEWORKAAAAAAAAAA
Mohammed Rashid
Mohammed Rashid 3 napja
0:03 ooOOOOo stone controller
Moon The Goat
Moon The Goat 3 napja
Fortnite never died.
Cat Lover
Cat Lover 3 napja
1:36 so true 𝘂𝗻𝘁𝗶𝗹 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗰𝗹𝗲𝗮𝗻 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗳𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗱𝘀 𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁
Gaming With Plontoart
Gaming With Plontoart 3 napja
10:27 me playing this game with my friends and fighting over who choses boy or girl XD
Mary Woodward
Mary Woodward 4 napja
This is the bad❤ This is the good💖 ThisIsTheBadInTheGood💗 This is the BadGood💜 This is the Chocolate💟💖💕💓💟 This is the AdsInterruptingYourGame❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖
EnderTheCreep 4 napja
5:47 very true
Andrew Berg
Andrew Berg 5 napja
When the same meme repeats 2 times in a video:
Saad Siddiqui
Saad Siddiqui 5 napja
4:20 thats exactly like headphones and controllor
Brandon Raymundo
Brandon Raymundo 6 napja
3:42 Isn’t that backpack su-
Rosemary Lopez
Rosemary Lopez 6 napja
Rosemary Lopez
Rosemary Lopez 6 napja
Rosemary Lopez
Rosemary Lopez 6 napja
Opps i ment
Rosemary Lopez
Rosemary Lopez 6 napja
C H E R R Y 10:55
Rosemary Lopez
Rosemary Lopez 6 napja
Edward Sun
Edward Sun 7 napja
Fall Guys: 2 months? I died after two weeks. Someone in an orange skin with yellow marks: You do know we're still here. Everyone: *Please don't include this* How I got them: 0:38 of this video, this video:, and a photo from The Mitchells vs the Machines.
Golden Heart
Golden Heart 7 napja
Hamza Alshazly
Hamza Alshazly 7 napja
Lol i relate
Jacob Adams
Jacob Adams 7 napja
10:27 Me: I'm only 14! I'm not old enough to be old!
DrStrange768YT 8 napja
me: *eats RITZ crackers* youtube ads: i see your interested in 100000000000 ads about RITZ
TRAVIS 8 napja
that thumbnail tho😂😂😂
Thiền Am Bên Bờ Vũ Trụ
Thiền Am Bên Bờ Vũ Trụ 8 napja
Alina Pasha
Alina Pasha 8 napja
1:36 I- 😳😳😳
Charlie Belmonte
Charlie Belmonte 9 napja
Man that pc🥵🥵🥶🥶🤩🤩
Lucas Buheis
Lucas Buheis 9 napja
5:04 dark souls 3 be like also yeah why is nameless king harder than soul of cinder, if nameless is optional :/
TAB902 9 napja
Follow my instagram:
Faisal Awan
Faisal Awan 9 napja
Can we all just realise the fact that this guy shows the meme on the video thumbnail first thing of the vid
ProPickaxe 9 napja
TheRealMeh 9 napja
Fortnite never dies
Maximilian Fischer
Maximilian Fischer 9 napja
DectieMovies 10 napja
0:38 _______is dying
WhoTheBrick 10 napja
10:28 I used to play this game all the time. It was really fun.
a person somthing
a person somthing 11 napja
this was hilarious
GamingWithJack Li
GamingWithJack Li 11 napja
when the first meme is the thumnail
Noah Mitev
Noah Mitev 11 napja
Fortnite didn’t die after 1 year. It died after 2
R8Freddie 11 napja
3:16 is the fortnite Raz boss rn
Anna Clark-Neal
Anna Clark-Neal 11 napja
How cavemen play games
Angie Yonaga
Angie Yonaga 11 napja
4:35 Nagito replacing his Sanity with hope (Middle is luck, bottom is Hajime)
Qxzzfy -
Qxzzfy - 11 napja
first clip is a rock shaped as a controller
Elijah Cropsey
Elijah Cropsey 11 napja
10:29 YES OMG All those memories
Rehina Majid
Rehina Majid 11 napja
8:31 I spam the Y button
Mert saraç
Mert saraç 11 napja
Only my download speed 6mbs?
Dogsavestheday Official
Dogsavestheday Official 12 napja
Of The Clean
Of The Clean 12 napja
I don't like that diss on the wii. I have a wii. Lots of games are on the wii. I don't play anything that's not on computer, phone, or wii. Because i dont have anything else, but still. I play super mario galaxy. donkey kong country returns. new super mario bros wii. GET REKKT. :(
Kevin the gamer
Kevin the gamer 12 napja
So relatable 5:17
Spider-man 12 napja
I get the joke 3:16
Tetrix 12 napja
10:26 - I am this old lol
Szy Mi 5
Szy Mi 5 12 napja
cyberpunk is from poland and im from ther :D
Rhys Gaven
Rhys Gaven 12 napja
Lol nice work
Mckale Joshua Sta. Maria
Mckale Joshua Sta. Maria 12 napja
0:30 true
BJ 654
BJ 654 13 napja
1:32 Firefox logo in 2030 be like:
Dederter30 13 napja
10:29 yes i'm
Lucas Boley
Lucas Boley 13 napja
Me: dad can I play on my ps5 Dad: why Me: ??? Dad: no
Perodactyl 13 napja
Hey! that's Mark Rober!
Dillon Plays Roblox
Dillon Plays Roblox 13 napja
Not funny
Eli Mayberry
Eli Mayberry 13 napja
NPC's info be like: You should try to win :)
Czeller Balint
Czeller Balint 13 napja
0:42 Fortnite doesn't seem to have died yet... I mean it's doing okey money wise I'm sure.
Diogo1906 13 napja
7:38 my internet is 50 lol
Finn Hughes
Finn Hughes 13 napja
Games that I find good are Minecraft, fortnite, rocket league, cockiest clicker and PS4/PS5 Spider-Man. This is my opinion so pls don’t get angry with me I’m just giving ideas to future gamers💻🎙👨🏻‍💻🎮
Hyrexo 13 napja
8:19 So TRUE 8:36 Also true 9:15 also also true
Orange Boi
Orange Boi 13 napja
3:16 Just like childe from genshin impact
Gaming Gang
Gaming Gang 13 napja
Is your icon a reference to portal 2 lemongranade ???
marshmxllow_boi _______
marshmxllow_boi _______ 13 napja
Mmmmmmmm yum memeanade
Bedtimess 13 napja
Loading screen tips in a nutshell: Drink water by drinking water
쿠터집사turtle 14 napja
2:58 That's Mark Rober!!!
Angelica Clarus
Angelica Clarus 14 napja
Minecraft creepers still exploding at players that litterly that incident made me Dead at minecraft
Angelica Clarus
Angelica Clarus 14 napja
Roblox is best i guess cuz i hate her died sound and i use my moms account ;-;
🍫Chocolate girl🍫
🍫Chocolate girl🍫 14 napja
2:07 That me😭😭😭😩😩😩
Yb cloudy
Yb cloudy 14 napja
Hey i don't have a PS5 neither a girlfriend ha beat that
ari 14 napja
Black Studio
Black Studio 14 napja
among us: I died 2 monts ago, roblox: 2 monts? a few week undertale: I think chara will kill you
Samir& Marwan productions
Samir& Marwan productions 14 napja
me:LINUS?!!! 7:58
Justin Bridge
Justin Bridge 14 napja
2:42 is so true!
Sparkle XD
Sparkle XD 14 napja
4:20 this is literally me at all times while gaming when there is nature in the game xD
Sparkle XD
Sparkle XD 14 napja
Cokieman245jo 237
Cokieman245jo 237 14 napja
10:28 nostalgia moment intensify
ItsCaptainGamer plays
ItsCaptainGamer plays 14 napja
The wii one is my favorite.
Daniel K
Daniel K 14 napja
Mom: (sees me plaing a online game) Also mom: can you Pause this Me:no Mom:peace Was never a opsion
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