Daily Juicy Memes 682

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EdTheSeal 2 napja
Fun fact: in Latin mor roughly translates to dead wor Morgan should actually be called deadgz
Cris Esparza
Cris Esparza 3 napja
When you are happy you enjoy the music When you are sad you understand the lyrics Ga ga ro mama ro ma oh Lala
Onee-jazzy 4 napja
Me:*gives 5 cents too a homeless guy* Also me:*i have saved humanity*
張宗瑋 4 napja
"saving the world" Japan:
The FNaF Artist
The FNaF Artist 9 napja
3:29 no its memormeme's
Arkiblade 12 napja
Exotic_Weirdo 15 napja
What gives feeling of power Money--- Status-------- Getting noticed by memenade---------------------------------
Patricia Rivera
Patricia Rivera 16 napja
Make the word Memeories popular please.
Flickering Lights
Flickering Lights 18 napja
Gamers saving the world: Le clíck
Eran Daniels
Eran Daniels 18 napja
0:36 so true
Eran Daniels
Eran Daniels 18 napja
0:37 so true
Prasanna Karanjit
Prasanna Karanjit 19 napja
4:00 what does that supposed to mean
Godzilla 20 napja
*karens after seeing me wear a mask* Karen's: You've taken everything thing from me! Me: I don't even know who you are.
ThumbsupE 21 napja
You guys are all introverts. And who the hell watches HUpost shorts. Also a fact no one is ready for: tik tok is genuinely good it just has to fit you’re type
Akiro Shi아키로
Akiro Shi아키로 21 napja
Whats the background music called??
Nunya Dambidness
Nunya Dambidness 21 napja
I like pizza.
CrazyGamer 21 napja
When I saw the thumbnail... I was never so offended by something I 100% agree with
Purple_Cat 21 napja
4:10 LET'S GO A FNaF MEME!!!!! If you could a whole episode with FNaF memes, I would be very happy
Capt Ghost
Capt Ghost 21 napja
God krishan Pubg
God krishan Pubg 21 napja
Princess Stylinson
Princess Stylinson 21 napja
I am a girl and I love memes like these, am I accepted in the community?
DankMemerMusic 21 napja
The COVID vaccine one is false I don’t feel like putting weird things in my body
Zeno Sama
Zeno Sama 21 napja
Everyone knows flash is always late
Nicoló 21 napja
0:12 me when I use both Oof: when I or my friend does mistakes Bruh: for the coincidence and mistakes that other people do
Dawn Wolf
Dawn Wolf 22 napja
7:21 yaaaaaaaaa I did not expect for a meme of my ppl on here today
Hybird_Huntress 22 napja
okay so i was looking at stupid laws and this popped up XD New York The penalty for jumping off a building is death think on that one XD
CedriC 22 napja
Fun fact: This is his real voice
Ski 22 napja
4:30 If you actually remember Ninjago you had a good childhood.
Anarghya Sumanth
Anarghya Sumanth 22 napja
1:07 and 3:00 are relatable as an Indian (3:00 really is India)
Backfire First
Backfire First 22 napja
When you outgrow your favorite T-Shirt as a kid. “So long, partner.”
Alfian Ezza Raditya
Alfian Ezza Raditya 22 napja
#TTS police in the movies : *noob* police in the gta 5 : *better and much aggresive* police in the real life : *FAT*
Levi Duckworth
Levi Duckworth 22 napja
My snake did that
I don't Know
I don't Know 22 napja
7:40 Me, an introvert: Could I be the cringe?
I don't Know
I don't Know 22 napja
4:01 Ha I was born in 2005
Liew Mu Yan
Liew Mu Yan 22 napja
So that it reaches 682 comments 2/2
Liew Mu Yan
Liew Mu Yan 22 napja
Im gonna comment twice 1/2
Stephen Slevin
Stephen Slevin 22 napja
Depressing fact 5 children where in fact found dead in chuck e cheeze in 1982
Piyush Ranakoti
Piyush Ranakoti 22 napja
Me as a Kid Multiplying 99999 × 99999 in a Calculator Calculator : *E*
CuteSeal 23 napja
6:42 some girl in my class changed the gym scoreboard to display all 69’s
Simon Diaz Ramirez
Simon Diaz Ramirez 23 napja
4:11 ... jesus christ
kuulonxl 23 napja
9:35 Now you have officially carried it too far, normie
CR7 FAN 23 napja
6 : 15 🤣 I know u guys pretend to do that
Mr Dead Guy
Mr Dead Guy 23 napja
That joke about Morgz wasn’t funny
Potstobob 1
Potstobob 1 23 napja
20 yr/o me *gets my First Credit Card *. Also me *intense sniff and feeling Rich*
Priya V
Priya V 23 napja
5:47 Lol draco that u
Shaggy Toy
Shaggy Toy 23 napja
Got 667 comments on this so u don’t get cursed
Rick Grimes PL
Rick Grimes PL 23 napja
1:10 yeah, I know, I live in Poland and our goverment is fucked. PiS is the worst thing that happened to Poland since 2000.
Namminations 23 napja
Let’s gooo
Nicolas Sagal
Nicolas Sagal 23 napja
1:47 Nah... backwards
i eat alive chicken
i eat alive chicken 23 napja
Sibling:"Can i have some?" Sibling 2:" sure -licks and takes a bite of the food- Sibling: -still eats it- Sibling 2: *"You weren't supposed to do that"*
RazorG3 23 napja
Storm Fynx
Storm Fynx 23 napja
4:33 *:,)*
• ErrørSiri •
• ErrørSiri • 23 napja
4:34 who said I didn't watch ninjago anymore?
Dim Pap
Dim Pap 23 napja
9:15 is real?
Me. 23 napja
Dim Pap
Dim Pap 23 napja
9:15 is real?
stusheep 23 napja
4:33 correction i HAVE a good childhood
Ashley Anderson
Ashley Anderson 23 napja
When somebody says ps4 is better than Xbox I've never met this man in my life
Likun Wang
Likun Wang 23 napja
My friends when I need a pencil: my pencil My friends when I get a lego millennial falcon: our lego
Dax Graham
Dax Graham 23 napja
This is the first episode I've watched in like 5 months and AWWW I MISS IT
Sandra Calloway
Sandra Calloway 23 napja
The “pokermon” image actually exists
DarkFish YT
DarkFish YT 23 napja
8:51 Galileo discovered Jupiter’s moons (Ganimedes, Io, Euorpa, Calisto)
Abdelrahman Elgabry
Abdelrahman Elgabry 23 napja
I laughed so hard in the one with a convertible
Willosaur 23 napja
Bruh I hate bugs and that meme of the phones scared the living daylights out of me lol
Keith Nolan
Keith Nolan 23 napja
6:38 I have another idea for that one. Girls :why do boys say ‘nice’ every time someone says 69? Boys:nice
Tuna Koc
Tuna Koc 23 napja
Shikha Sharma
Shikha Sharma 23 napja
This video is banned in china
Borkshaw 23 napja
I don’t think that the Karen’s kid was morgz... I think those were the 11.6M who subbed to him
Lucca Pamio Feliciano
Lucca Pamio Feliciano 23 napja
3:13 wait... no terry the fat shark today? *visible sadness*
*round 5 sounds* fetch me their souls
*round 5 sounds* fetch me their souls 23 napja
whatever you do, do not look up "payday 2 sydney x jacket x wolf r34 threesome hentai", worst mistake of my life
areen plays
areen plays 23 napja
Guys subscribe its has alot of gaming stuff that I show and I make some animations
Darth Maul
Darth Maul 23 napja
7:30 have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise?
Mirza Polutak
Mirza Polutak 23 napja
Bosnian government: ur going back to school My entire class: No.
Darth Maul
Darth Maul 23 napja
1:27 there's actually a free dlc in Lego Batman 3 that has rainbow versions of this and Batman is one of them of course.
Tactical Warblox
Tactical Warblox 23 napja
I like deez mems
Yousef Shahin
Yousef Shahin 23 napja
0:09 I laughed way too hard when I saw this 🤣
Keith (Boyfriend)
Keith (Boyfriend) 23 napja
I didn't know getting a heart attack from cholesterol saves the Earth
Shadow_ fire
Shadow_ fire 23 napja
9:35 How about Elon Musk saying that Jurrasic World could be real
Wali Master
Wali Master 23 napja
Did you guys see the funny part
Abuse Doubledoor
Abuse Doubledoor 23 napja
Canadians when they see a tree: *I can milk you*
rebornpage1 23 napja
4:34 Hey I've seen this one before that's me!
Julien Animation
Julien Animation 23 napja
1:47 I disagree who else
MrGaurang 23 napja
ᶜᵃⁿ ᴵ ᵍᵉᵗ ¹ ˢᵘᵇ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵗᶦⁿʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ?
MrGaurang 23 napja
@SM69 Animations yayyy
SM69 Animations
SM69 Animations 23 napja
SM69 Animations
SM69 Animations 23 napja
Let’s be honest. The Chad would be the best friend in the world
apostolis tolis
apostolis tolis 23 napja
Girls' wallpapers: Don't give up, it's not over 'till it's over! Boys' wallpapers: *Shrekus Christ*
Ayan J K
Ayan J K 23 napja
Dude a lot of these memes were/are stolen
Jessica Rathore
Jessica Rathore 23 napja
I thought meme cream is your channel too
Abdulhaleem Domado
Abdulhaleem Domado 23 napja
My annoying cousin: *keeps punching me 5 mins straight* My anger issues: _kaboom?_ Brain: _yes rico , kaboom_
Abdulhaleem Domado
Abdulhaleem Domado 23 napja
My annoying cousin: *keeps punching me 5 mins straight* My anger issues: _kaboom?_ Brain: _yes rico , kaboom_
Samet Gazan
Samet Gazan 23 napja
Pls turkey (country) memes
sheldon J
sheldon J 23 napja
#dailydoseofmemes Mom : one more game Me : plays story mode 😎
I eat crayons for breakfast
I eat crayons for breakfast 23 napja
3:29 I agree
I eat crayons for breakfast
I eat crayons for breakfast 23 napja
1:19 imagine creating something and expecting something special made by the users but instead see people make weird shit on the internet
Iman Ahmad
Iman Ahmad 23 napja
Wow never knew he watched Djcook
ice25 23 napja
left out chewing gum: exists elf: after all why not elf: why shouldn’t I eat this free candy
Melon King
Melon King 23 napja
Did someone click on this video for the number of the video I'am talking about SCP-682
Captain Price
Captain Price 23 napja
Lost Girls
Lost Girls 23 napja
Elon musk didn't have blue eyes
Normal :/
Normal :/ 23 napja
"God pls Korea" "Hello sir where am i?" North Korea "Bruh"
Lavanya Verma
Lavanya Verma 23 napja
3:05 my country India rn :')
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