Victoria Beheba
Victoria Beheba 3 perccel
17:30 Omg I calculated it and it's 30 YEARS
Fire Gamer
Fire Gamer 5 perccel
Meme: me be scared of school shoot outs in the USA only🤬
_idk_ 6 perccel
That thumbnail is no untrue
Husky go hehe
Husky go hehe 6 perccel
0:41 you deserve no mercy
The Draco Animator
The Draco Animator 7 perccel
9:32 I play bedrock on mobile soully because it will annoy Java players
Aiden Groves
Aiden Groves 7 perccel
Faenx 8 perccel
What that give you (Lostlocked)
John Matthews
John Matthews 9 perccel
I feel bad for the people with baged gas lol 6:44
ElFvk3r TM
ElFvk3r TM 10 perccel
4:25 search "insultos de Dross" and you will understand
Zarakiee 11 perccel
“People putting their Christmas’s decorations up 12 months early” in 12 months it will be the same day of the year
The Draco Animator
The Draco Animator 13 perccel
Me thinking the pranks get out of hand on hermitcraft Dream smp: I'm about to end this man's whole career
Jack the programmer
Jack the programmer 17 perccel
5:54 some one doesn't know what shin megami tensei Iii nocturne is
LueIsBlue 20 perccel
420 dislikes
Hunter R. W.
Hunter R. W. 23 perccel
3:52 You mean they downsized?
RmbSs 25 perccel
I agree tiktok not but just almost everyone on tiktok cringe
Hyper dust sans
Hyper dust sans 25 perccel
#memenade when a mod is too hard on friday night funkin: 7 in mid song us:OK LETS CHANGE THE SETTINGS TO EASY MODE
megaman x
megaman x 27 perccel
I dab all the time
megaman x
megaman x 28 perccel
Can't wait till we get daily dose of memes 800
Heirloop 28 perccel
8:06 how I feel when I play league because I know I’m gonna die
Oli Animations
Oli Animations 29 perccel
Nathaniel Lattke
Nathaniel Lattke 29 perccel
Dude: *kills me after I crouch* Me: [ *D a n g e r* Anger levels rising]
Faenx 31 perce
I use to use Cortana
Linda Hankà
Linda Hankà 32 perccel
Java is trash
Maria Ortiz
Maria Ortiz 34 perccel
Correct about the part where bedrock players mostly don’t have a choice someone an iPad and I’m nine years old yeah do you think I have an allowance nothing am I am on an iPad because I can’t play on different versions and I can’t and I’m not good at playing Minecraft on my brothers PS4 and I don’t even know how to play and my brother‘s not home he’s at the military
Linda Hankà
Linda Hankà 36 perccel
What the secret one
Toph Beifong
Toph Beifong 38 perccel
Gonna have to update the first meme.
Sterling Liermann
Sterling Liermann 38 perccel
ClassicGames 39 perccel
Even Tho im American, i still clicked on this bc i cures my depression lmao
faaris arain
faaris arain 39 perccel
Stop promoting your server
Maria Ortiz
Maria Ortiz 40 perccel
We talk about how much bedrock sucks not trying to bully y’all but I’m better off to the update hasn’t even came out on dead wrong I barely even knew what oxidizing stuff was like the copper oxidizing I only realize that for 10 after 10 minutes like bro can you update come out come on update come on bedrock rock
Dominik Sz
Dominik Sz 43 perccel
Dieser Kommentarbereich ist nun Eigentum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Pupdog Gamer
Pupdog Gamer 46 perccel
How people say waking up at 2:00 AM is: *peaceful* How it really is: energy: 0
TheKellers FamilyOf8
TheKellers FamilyOf8 46 perccel
*VHS Gang approval*
Nathan Loveless 21 (STUDENT)
Nathan Loveless 21 (STUDENT) 49 perccel
With the arrow meme you had a chance to make a jojo reference
Gaming With The Pros
Gaming With The Pros 49 perccel
2:09 miata on computer made me sad
Dobo Bob
Dobo Bob 52 perccel
Step 1 meme step 2 meme Step 3 meme step 4 meme Step 5 meme Sub to Dobo bob
zane 54 perccel
This cheers me up after a bad day.
Songs in Minecraft Noteblocks
Songs in Minecraft Noteblocks 57 perccel
Daily dose of anti depression
frogsolol Órája
mkn l
Peesoundeffect Órája
Ark players be like 0:03
Waffle Lord
Waffle Lord Órája
I want that burger
I need this memes 😂😂🤣🤧
Enhidri Órája
“Your name backwards is how you die” nedearB ???
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake Órája
4:05 **RELATABLE**
Linda Rodriguez
Linda Rodriguez Órája
WHAT GIVES PEOPLE FEELINGS OF POWER MONEY: 20% STATUS : 40% Your baby sis hugs you :100%
Cryptic Fyre
Cryptic Fyre Órája
8:15 relateable but it only took 7 months for me :)
Darkalan420 Reynaga
Darkalan420 Reynaga Órája
Fun fact solving a math question doesn’t make you smart it only makes you dumber
Vex Órája
Him: "T-posing means you are being superior to your class mates." My entire class who T-poses during tests and lunch while singing memes:
Keith Smith
Keith Smith Órája
Who else lost there spring break to Covid
Everyday Gaming
Everyday Gaming Órája
I was watching this and the picture for the meme at 6:40 looks strangely exactly like a creeper I made for my friend as a gift... Hmmmmmmmm.
Jonathan Hernandez
Jonathan Hernandez Órája
Jonathan. Mahtanoj
BELARDE Kurt Andrew D.
BELARDE Kurt Andrew D. Órája
People: "seing a butterfly" Also People: "intense panick".
reaper 702
reaper 702 Órája
My cousin told me about this video it just got recommended to me
Ivan The gamer
Ivan The gamer Órája
I have watched anime I love it and hate it
TheKellers FamilyOf8
TheKellers FamilyOf8 Órája
People: Girls voice pitch increases when around their crush Girls around me: *Yoshi* Shrek’s hand: Like that will ever happen
Lex Raza
Lex Raza Órája
Teacher: Okay, I'll wait until you guys finish talking. The Students: **keeps talking** Teacher: 😐
Mac Edward Briones
Mac Edward Briones Órája
7:04 Yay u said our country but ur other memes are greater tho.
TY 79 Films
TY 79 Films Órája
Kshitij Malve
Kshitij Malve Órája
Community posts then: Hey guys! Which game should I play live ? Community posts now: Make an E
Ebucuk Órája
if u can relate this to urself ur an igen (generation) prob 14-28 yr old. I'm so happy I'm an igen :)
Noel T. Lat
Noel T. Lat Órája
If you know this type of comment, you remember this kind of nostalgia Are you still getting it? A little closer Almost there This is not a meme comment, just keep going! Okay! Okay! I give up, you win, you read the whole longest comment that you never since before in your lifetime, Happy now?
Alex Órája
Can i get a Meme to?
Ody Bear
Ody Bear Órája
ello, im eirG the demon 3:
Gonk Droid
Gonk Droid Órája
Discord: No don’t turn me into an over simplified logo!!! Discord team: hahahaha over simplified logo go brrrrrrrrr
Kathryn Anthony
Kathryn Anthony Órája
2:42 I have thought of that before but I thought if I was the only one that was actually alive while other people were just nothing just a body
Lenar345 Órája
Pretty cringe ngl, but I respect your humor sense :)
Aspie Let's Play
Aspie Let's Play Órája
6:49 Why would someone wish THAT ? 🤮
Sahar Dahshan
Sahar Dahshan 2 órája
Just dont fight It is not that easy Imagine if you lived the whole life in your house And someone tells u to exit cause his religioun or his president says that the house is his And when u fight back u find an RPG in ur mouth and.... BOOOOM!!! Note : it is just an opinion so if u argue with me pls dont curse or swear at me ! !. I hope it get better for Palestine people 🇪🇬❤️🇵🇸 And one more note : its a good video
Fire Gamer
Fire Gamer 2 órája
I have legends pockets omg I’m so cool
Ro Gaming
Ro Gaming 2 órája
Me: Someone born in 2003 would be 12 in 2015 A normal conversation:
Kåřmā 2 órája
We going to ignore the fact that a lot of girls are exactly like the boys. Like me, I'm a tomboy I legit am nothing like the "girls".
Ld badger
Ld badger 2 órája
14:32 The first limenade meme I have seen on memenade :)
Skoop 2 órája
Ur nightmare: 👁👄👁 Also ur nightmare: sᴏɴ ɪ ғᴏʟʟᴏᴡᴇᴅ ᴜ ᴏɴ ᴛɪᴋ ᴛᴏᴋ👁👄👁
M Dekk
M Dekk 2 órája
This is so funny.
Hello Gents
Hello Gents 2 órája
(8:59) Is it okay to say that I'm the one on the far right.
Skoop 2 órája
Teacher: can someone please awnser Kids: trys to do it .ay he aye Aye AYE AYEYH AHHHH HHAHAHAHH
Amobix 2 órája
bruh i was just eating big mac!
Sakimoto Hyuga
Sakimoto Hyuga 2 órája
Waiting to see my meme here
Sakimoto Hyuga
Sakimoto Hyuga 2 órája
No its not there
Sky does art
Sky does art 2 órája
Hello I think you are cool please notice me
•Elite• •kiddo•
•Elite• •kiddo• 2 órája
5:13 CoDm is a decent game tbh